Marching To The Thrift Shop

Today resulted in a great haul of Knit Picks Yarns and a few other goodies:

Counter Clockwise:

14 Palette – 6 Iris Heather and 9 Clematis Heather

13 Shadow – 5 Basalt, 2 Redwood Forest, 3 Juniper and 3 Sunset. The bits and bobs are all wool, but I didn’t bother weighing them.

Hideous Acrylic Pinkness in terrible shape. Even the full skein has been hacked up a bit. They may not even be worth re-donating. I hate getting yarn in this condition, but in this case I never intended to keep it anyway.

Two unidentified  cream wool sock weight two ply and one Karabella Aurora 8.

Total was $29.50 was  but a $10 off $20 coupon and a $5 frequent shopper reward brought it down to $14.50.


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