Green ERR-OH!

GreenERR-OHOccasionally I like to remind you of why you stopped reading my blog. This is such a post.

I found a 6 stitch x 8 row color work chart, flipped it on it’s side and tried to use it as an 8 stitch x 6 row knit/purl texture chart.

I may have set the world record for the most consecutive failed attempts to count to 1, but considering that I couldn’t count my failures either, we’ll never know.

I had so many false starts due to knitting from the wrong side of the chart – I couldn’t grasp the concepts of up becoming left, down becoming forward, right Side and Right side being opposites. Slip the first stitch of every row began to mean have a (some) cookie(s) while you figure out what to do on this row.

I finally worked out mnemonics (after 4 out of 8 repeats) using a blue stitch marker on one side, and orange on the other:
Blue = Base Row, Orange = Offset by 2, Blue = Baby Step, Orange = One more, Blue = Backup, Orange = Over 2 again.

This worked very well for getting the pattern right. Unfortunately, when I stopped needing the cookies, I also forgot to slip the first stitches. Rip Rip Rip.

Anyway, it’s finally done. Care to join me for a (some) cookie(s) while I think about how to cruelly abuse yarn what to knit next.


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