The Stash Might Be Getting Out Of Hand IF >>>

>>> You’re looking for a particular skein of red/black/white yarn. You find the same brand in a different color – tans/browns. You remember debating with yourself over which color to buy. You remember debating with yourself about buying both.

>>> You have a dreamlike recollection of choosing one, but thinking you’d come back for the other. Dreamlike because, while you always remember the yarns you buy,  leaving yarn behind in the store always seems like a nightmare.

>>> While searching for the red/black/white yarn, you find a few several lots of a ton of yarns you’d forgotten about. So much for the always remembering theory.

>>> You also find two large storage tubs you’d forgotten about. They are both full of yarn, but not what you’re looking for.

>>> As you continue your fruitless search,  you realize that not only have you forgotten about buying some of these yarns, there are a few you don’t even recognize!

>>> You no longer trust your own memory.  You seriously consider calling the LYS to see if they remember you buying the red/black/white yarn three years ago. But you’re afraid to, because you now recall that there was also a nice blue/white/grey colorway, and if they tell you that’s the one you bought …


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