A (Return) Visit From St. Knitolas


‘Tis the Day Before Christmas and all thru the world
Last minute gifts are being knitted and purled.
The stockings still hang from the needles, unfinished.
The chances to knit have greatly diminished.
The children are playing, for them trouble’s unknown.
Their gifts I’ve just knitted? Already outgrown.
What started as a kerchief became an afghan for a lap.
Oh Lord, I could use just a two minute nap.
When out on the lawn I hear sounds of name-calling,
I dash to the window, “Y’all stop all that brawling!”
I turn back to my scarf which was looking so pretty.
It’s now all in shreds, and wrapped around Kitty.
I collapse in my chair with tears in my eyes.
When my vision clears there’s such a surprise!
For there stands my hubby, in a Santa Claus suit
Offering me a bag, full of great Knitter’s Loot.
Now, Ashford! Now, Noro, Cubics from Knitter’s Pride!
Now, Hikoo! Now Koigu! and Piles of Hand Dyed!
It’s only a dream,
But ain’t it a great one?
Merry Christmas To You,
I hope you have great fun!


This was a poem from my first Blogging Christmas.


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