New Snag Today

Going to WF today brought a new snag to light. TILK set things up in a way that makes a mess, and it feels familiar. I think the mess TILK was supposed to clear up was set up in the same way, and I feel like I had to clean it up then. Along with all the other crap TILK got wrong.

Anyway, I am going to start at the library tomorrow and hope I can get everything I need there.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t gotten TLIC started, which became a little more important today. I’m going to do it tonight, I hope. I wasn’t feeling clearheaded enough while I was sick. I’m still coming more alive in the evening, shortly after my BP pills, so I wonder if that’s the problem. Right now that energy is fading.

How about the mail from KHP today? I am going to work it out on the phone, hopefully tomorrow. I also need to get in touch with NPP, I don’t want that situation to extend into next month, but I’m not sure if I can handle what they may want for this month.

HB was one of our (many many) favorites, with D&O in the yard, and the WSWRE.

I read some of the earlier posts, and can’t figure out what all the abbreviations I used were supposed to mean. Yikes, I was/am a mess.

I’m remembering your last night. Thanks for what you said.

Good Night, I Love You.


Hello Doll, And Happy Presidents’ Day

Yeah, I know. Not yet, but there’s a lot of people working on it.

I finally woke up able to breathe, and my back and IBS kicked in. I still managed to make it to GO and PH.

At GO I spoke to the owner, and told him how much you enjoyed going there. At PH I picked up some more cartons, but I want to return them for a smaller size. These will be too large for the shelves I have, and too heavy for me if I’m not careful packing them.

I’m planning on bringing a lot more than I originally intended, including a couple plants from the yard, and it’s all because of TSB! Even if I just put it out or donate it at home, I won’t be dictated to. If my apartment is going to be set up for anyone, it’s going to be ME!

I also intend to get my property back, asap. I know TGG is just stalling, hoping I’ll just let it go. Umm, Nope.

I keep coming across magnifying glasses and readers, which just make me sad that you had to give up two things you loved so much. And that I wasn’t able to help you much, if at all.

I miss you so much, and I think this illness and weariness are depression. I think I might have to try DP’s suggestion again, but not tonight. I’m too tired and going to bed soon.

Saw the DF and the FG. AG sang CD’s song that we like so much, but it was not as good at all.

I guess that’s all tonight. Good Night, I Love You.

Moving On, Mom

It’s Sunday night and I forgot that tomorrow is a holiday. I was either going home or to the bank, but the bank will be closed.

I’m feeling better, so I don’t think I need to get to a doctor. Since I just changed clinics I don’t even know how quickly I could get in anyway.

Even though I feel better, I’m still not working too quickly, and resting often. I need more cartons, I might try GO tomorrow. I’ll use the cart if I go, which just reminds me of TGG.

I seem to get more energy once the sun goes down, but still tire out and hit the sack early. I hope to finish the HP tonight before going to bed.

I’m still thinking of you all throughout the day, but I don’t feel you as often. I miss the connection, but it’s still there when I need you most, as it always will be. I think we’re both moving on, and that’s as it should be. I Love You.

Hi Mom. I Almost Missed Tonight’s Chat

Just woke up from a nap. I was feeling better most of the day, and got a bit done. Not as much as I hoped, but a good start.

Then I did something stupid, so please look after me a bit longer.

I don’t have to worry about my place this week, I hope. I was debating between trying to get in to the Dr or staying and taking care of some business here. Tomorrow will tell.

Since I changed clinics, I don’t even have contact info with me. I’ll try finding it here, but I don’t know if I can.

That’s it for the day. Good night, I Love You.

Thanks Mom

For reminding me to eat more healthily yesterday and today, but I still managed to get sick. I think it’s mostly not keeping the heat on, especially in this wet weather.

LIT came by with forms, was here for maybe 15 seconds and couldn’t be bothered to come in. They can sure tell when the gravy train reaches the last station, right?

You know TIB has stayed on my mind … such incredible gall!

I bet nothing I did today would have been approved of. Like I care. It’s just wanting to put them in their place – AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!

Hope to feel better tomorrow, and get a lot more done, need to have some stuff ready a couple days early.

Good night, I Love You.

You’re Home Again

And I can’t believe how kind and thoughtful D. was. I feel I must have been guided to them, everything has been handled so wonderfully.

Not much got done around the house today, but I did meet with JW. I’ll have to speed up to get everything done on the schedule I originally set for myself.

Contacted IS’s office yesterday, and they couldn’t give me any info. They did ask questions I wish I hadn’t answered. I guess my answers weren’t impressive enough.

They set up an appointment for a phone call tomorrow. Yeah, phone call. Can’t be bothered to come here.

Tried again this morning to see if they had the info yet. They hadn’t checked into anything. I decided an hour or two later to check it out myself, and learned they had just called the head office.

I’m not impressed with this level of service, but you’d also lost faith in T.

Oh well.

That’s all for tonight. I Love You.

Mom, Can You Believe What TGUG Tried (AGAIN) Today?

I have no doubt their offer is based on greed, not wanting to be helpful.

The insulting KIA attitude and intrusive pushiness are ticking me off no end. If there were any genuine concern it would have been shown prior to this.

Knowing their tendency for grabbing what isn’t theirs, I really feel as if this is just an attempt to rummage through your stuff. I’m debating how much I’ll have to do in the area of protecting things from prying eyes.

I’d love to tell them off, but I’m sitting here with the shirt I gave you, you know which one. Thanks for the message.

Once I have more of the essentials packed, I’m going to reconsider your nice glassware. Also some of your knick-knacks. As I said, I’m not letting anyone rush my thinking or push me into a corner. If they have to be inconvenienced, too bad. I’m not going to be.

Okay, enough griping.

Got what feels like quite a bit more done today, and started more financial stuff. Don’t know how far I should go with legal assistance.

I’ve got more to do so I can get the trash out tonight.

I Love You. Good Night.