Goodies from Fabric Outlet


The fabrics are 26″ square upholstery samples, $1.29 each, the buttons were on clearance, $1.00 for the pack of 5. I wish they’d had more of the turtles, they just cheer me up so much I’m thinking of just hanging it on the wall as is!


A (Return) Visit From St. Knitolas


‘Tis the Day Before Christmas and all thru the world
Last minute gifts are being knitted and purled.
The stockings still hang from the needles, unfinished.
The chances to knit have greatly diminished.
The children are playing, for them trouble’s unknown.
Their gifts I’ve just knitted? Already outgrown.
What started as a kerchief became an afghan for a lap.
Oh Lord, I could use just a two minute nap.
When out on the lawn I hear sounds of name-calling,
I dash to the window, “Y’all stop all that brawling!”
I turn back to my scarf which was looking so pretty.
It’s now all in shreds, and wrapped around Kitty.
I collapse in my chair with tears in my eyes.
When my vision clears there’s such a surprise!
For there stands my hubby, in a Santa Claus suit
Offering me a bag, full of great Knitter’s Loot.
Now, Ashford! Now, Noro, Cubics from Knitter’s Pride!
Now, Hikoo! Now Koigu! and Piles of Hand Dyed!
It’s only a dream,
But ain’t it a great one?
Merry Christmas To You,
I hope you have great fun!


This was a poem from my first Blogging Christmas.

The Stash Might Be Getting Out Of Hand IF >>>

>>> You’re looking for a particular skein of red/black/white yarn. You find the same brand in a different color – tans/browns. You remember debating with yourself over which color to buy. You remember debating with yourself about buying both.

>>> You have a dreamlike recollection of choosing one, but thinking you’d come back for the other. Dreamlike because, while you always remember the yarns you buy,  leaving yarn behind in the store always seems like a nightmare.

>>> While searching for the red/black/white yarn, you find a few several lots of a ton of yarns you’d forgotten about. So much for the always remembering theory.

>>> You also find two large storage tubs you’d forgotten about. They are both full of yarn, but not what you’re looking for.

>>> As you continue your fruitless search,  you realize that not only have you forgotten about buying some of these yarns, there are a few you don’t even recognize!

>>> You no longer trust your own memory.  You seriously consider calling the LYS to see if they remember you buying the red/black/white yarn three years ago. But you’re afraid to, because you now recall that there was also a nice blue/white/grey colorway, and if they tell you that’s the one you bought …

Green ERR-OH!

GreenERR-OHOccasionally I like to remind you of why you stopped reading my blog. This is such a post.

I found a 6 stitch x 8 row color work chart, flipped it on it’s side and tried to use it as an 8 stitch x 6 row knit/purl texture chart.

I may have set the world record for the most consecutive failed attempts to count to 1, but considering that I couldn’t count my failures either, we’ll never know.

I had so many false starts due to knitting from the wrong side of the chart – I couldn’t grasp the concepts of up becoming left, down becoming forward, right Side and Right side being opposites. Slip the first stitch of every row began to mean have a (some) cookie(s) while you figure out what to do on this row.

I finally worked out mnemonics (after 4 out of 8 repeats) using a blue stitch marker on one side, and orange on the other:
Blue = Base Row, Orange = Offset by 2, Blue = Baby Step, Orange = One more, Blue = Backup, Orange = Over 2 again.

This worked very well for getting the pattern right. Unfortunately, when I stopped needing the cookies, I also forgot to slip the first stitches. Rip Rip Rip.

Anyway, it’s finally done. Care to join me for a (some) cookie(s) while I think about how to cruelly abuse yarn what to knit next.

Kitten Did A Good Good Bad Bad Thing

My local LYS,  Imagiknit, has frequent events like yarn and needle tastings and designer trunk shows. Earlier this month they featured Knitter’s Pride needles. This is the second KP event I’ve attended there, and they’ve been a fun way to meet folks while trying different types of needles, plus they had prizes. Last time I won a 24″ interchangeable cord and sizes 6 and 8 Nova Platina Cubix tips and a size 5 Bamboo tips. This time I won fixed circulars, Dreamz size 7 32″ and Royale size 8 24″. I’ve liked every KP needle I’ve tried, but I do have a favorite – Nova Platina Cubics. I’ve added the 40″ and 16″ cords, and I’ll add more needle sizes as I need them … unless I win a full set from one of their blog’s frequent giveaways. Right now crochet hooks are up for grabs at this blog post.

While there I picked up some yarn:


2 Island Yarn Velvet, colorways Mocha and Mudslide, 3 Noro Silk Garden Lite,  2 colorway 2052 and 1 colorway 2066, 1 Koigu Kersti dye code looks like 16521, but I can ‘t find that on their site, and 1 Knit One Crochet Too Batiste color 575 Spring. For those who keep track of such absurd things as money and not being able to pay the rent, the Velvet was $16.99 ea, the Noro and Batiste were $8.99 each, the Koigu was $9.99. Yes, I have gone waaaayyy off the Thrift Store Yarn Diet – like about a year’s thrifting budget. It felt soooo good!